Monday, August 18, 2014

At The Zoo

 I took myself to the zoo to sketch. I got to use my brand new Derwent bag, but I forgot a paper towel, so any mistakes in color I was just stuck with. I took my 3 legged chair and it worked perfectly. Most people said not a word to me. One little girl said "she's a painter" and inside I felt pretty proud at that.

Here the female kept pacing, so I didn't record her at all.

The lions were my best subject.  They just slept in the sun.

The camel cooperated only so much, I never did get their head.  There were two of them and they kept moving their heads around each other and then completely changed positions.

At the Penguin cove I got some contour drawing done.

The pig just slept while I was there. A sleeping animal is so much easier to draw. That is all I did in the two hours I was there.  The next time I will stay longer.

 Some music for your enjoyment.


  1. You made great use of your time at the zoo. What an inspiring bunch!

  2. What fun! I've never done anything like this...and wasn't that great that the little girl knew you were an artist. Big smiles!


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