Tuesday, March 23, 2010

All it takes is a little focus

 I have been noticing that weeks can go by without my doing the things I want to be doing.  So I pulled out my planner and started blocking out sections for art and exercise and internet time and so forth.  Its something I came to do after reading Barbra Sher's Refuse to Choose. In her book I discovered I am a scanner and figured a way to work on my projects I think it was called a Sable.  What that really means is I use the school format. As if I were a teacher or student and I had a 2 hour class. I will plan my day in increments like that. For example today

  9:00-10:00  Write emails I need to get done
10:00-12:0    Go to the gym and run errands
12:00-1:00    Write a blog post
1:00-2:00      Work on research for my trip
2:00-4:00      Art and play time

Sometimes I do hour increments and sometimes more and sometimes I switch everything around.  Today I did research in the morning so now I will just switch it around and got to the gym this afternoon instead.  I don't like things to be so rigid so I need flexibility worked into the system.

Now today I have got an incredible amount of things done and does that ever feel great. Now of course this style doesn't work for everyone.  Sometimes I switch it all around and devote a day to something. I used to do Mondays for Art, Tues for Writing, Wednesdays for Weaving etc... Some people work better with no plan.  If I don't have even a simple one I feel like days go by and I have wasted all that time.

Have you discovered a way that works for you?  I'd love to hear about it.


  1. Writing lists and giving the items a category of importance and forcing myself to do the most important first. There's something very satisfying about ticking things off!

  2. Been thinking about organizing myself with something like this too. I am not very self-disciplined but I am trying to think of ways to feel "accountable", maybe to someone other than myself first so that the weeks don't go by without me accomplishing as least most of what I want to do.
    Good plans...
    Good luck with them !

  3. it takes great self discipline sometimes to get things crossed off my list.. I do like the way youve planned the day out, I think I may try that sometimes!


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