Sunday, March 21, 2010

Some art in a couple books

I have been working on some of the books in the Artshine Sketchbook that I am involved in.

This balloon collage was made by first making striped paper, then I added fabric tape to the borders. Then I found this paper with old balloons on it and it seemed to fit nicely. I stamped the words on scraps and cut them out before adhering to the page.

On the back of the page I decided to do one of my faces. Since there was sewing showing through the page I added a piece of red rosin paper. First I added gesso and then added in the face. She looks like a young girl to me.

For the next book most of the previous people did trees and when I learned that the books owner like ravens too, I thought I would combine the two. I did this in watercolor, using pencils, paints and also gouache watercolors. Its from a photo I took at Yellowstone park last year

For the back I did a simple watercolor wash and added the words to The Raven a song by the Alan Parsons Project.

These were fun to do and now I need to clean the studio, its quite a mess now. Have an Artful Day.


  1. These are all great. That background is awesome and I think the girl looks like a young girl, too. Have fun getting your studio a mess again once you get it cleaned up. :)

  2. Beautiful book play, Kate. Love the trees and raven.
    Have a sweet Sunday night.

  3. I love the balloon collage. A wonderful idea with the trees and raven too ~ :)

  4. All of these pages look awesome! Love the craven.:)

  5. both are just beautiful pages, Kate! I love the one you did for my book! thanks so much!


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