Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sacred Life Sunday

I just got home from church where we had our monthly potluck.  It was a time of friendship, sharing and good food.  I always like these days, it makes me feel part of a community.

When I got home I was reading in Giving Thanks; the gifts of gratitude, and I thought of all I have to be grateful for on this particular Sunday. Amongst these is the beautiful day we are having. I am going to add being grateful to be able to take my dog out for a walk today.  To spend a little time in nature always lifts my spirits.  I'm grateful I got to go to that concert on Friday, to spend a wonderful time with friend and hear fantastic music.  I am grateful that I will be going to Ireland soon.  I am grateful for my wonderful husband and daughter, they are the best. I am grateful for all my blogging friends, that we get to communicate in this wonderful way.

What are you grateful on this beautiful Sunday in March?


  1. Can't go worng with an attitude of gratitude, Lovely Kate ! Enjoy the day !

  2. Yep, an attitude of gratitude sure makes us take notice.

    Sunday was my daughter's birthday so she, her fiance, my Mum and Dad and the rest of my kids were all here for lunch and nice family afternoon. I felt very grateful for that quality time spent with my loved ones.

  3. Being thankful makes all the difference in the world. I am grateful for my home and my hubby and all my blogging friends.


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