Friday, March 26, 2010

Results from my mini retreat

I had a great time on my little retreat from everything. Among other things I finished up some journal pages and started two new ones.

Now that I look at this one I realize it is pretty appropriate that I chose the word solitude for this image since solitude was what I was seeking yesterday.

A couple weeks ago I was able to attend a
Leahy concert. A friend gave me the tickets to go since she was going to be out of town.  They are one family and all the brothers and sisters play and even some of the children.  It was quite a performance of high energy Celtic music. I really love seeing and listening to a live music.  I want to do it more often this year.

After my lament yesterday about art journaling I thought I would try something different.  I use a lot of blue and green because I love the colors and they are easy for me.  I have been wanting to explore reds and yellows more.  So I made these two backgrounds and decided I would try flowers like Alisa Burke does.  The first one I used india ink and I really didn't like it. The lines are two thick and the black seems to dry much lighter.

On this second half of the spread I used a Faber Casteel Pitt brush pen and it was much easier to do.  It became almost like doodling a little bit of an extension of doing those hands that I have been doing. Maybe the feeling would have been different if I had been using paint or working on  bigger piece. The fun thing about these pages is I had no expectations of them.  I seemed to let go and just do it.  It doesn't matter that there are no words or theme for them.  I think the color and the flowers are enough.

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  1. Retreats are so satisfying...I love your solitude page.. also the line flowers...I think I'll do one. My journal this year is...well lacking. haha. I found a journal at a know the kind with thin brown handmade paper? with banana leaf cover. It is 5x8 I like the smaller format/ I am gessoing the pages


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