Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Wishcasting - What do you wish to pay attention to?

Its Wednesday again so its time for wishcasting with Jamie Ridler.  Today Jamie asks us What do you wish to pay attention to?

Ever since I did the Artist Way online last year I have been doing Morning Pages.  They are 3 pages of long hand writing on nothing in particular.  It gives me the opportunity to dump what is going on in my life and think about things I might want to be doing.  I get good insights this way and sometimes I have a notepad and will jot things down that come to me.  This could be art ideas or something I really want to do that day or even sometime that week.

Some weeks I find myself writing the same ideas or tasks down over and over. Either I didn't put them on a list and bring them to the forefront of my life or I just plain forget about them.  I wish to pay attention to those insights and ideas  on the days that they come to me.

I took Michelle's advice and photocopied that page and just glued it into the journal as a background. I added some more stamping on top. The cool thing about this is I could move the page around to highlight a different spot in the background.

I read a lot of blogs and when I see something another blogger has done that I really like I print it out to use an inspiration later. That was the case with this hand. I have seen some blogger's with those mehndi stencils and always thought I would buy one but haven't gotten around to it. My inspiration was Elizabeth Bunsen's blog . She did a couple spreads with black hands. I have looked at the page several times and wondered if it had been a stamp. Then I got the bright idea oh black gesso. So here is how I made the hand.

I took a piece of white card stock and painted it with black gesso and traced my hand on it and cut it out. I used a white gel pen and marked the finger nails and wrist and then began to add the patterns. The designs came from several places, one being my pajamas, the other some variations of what she had used and some patterns I just made up on the spot. I am sure you could look patterns up on the net but my computer was not near me so I just went with what felt right. I had the most relaxing time doing this hand, its just as fun as doing a zentangle. I may have to try one with sepia ink on flesh colored card stock next. I've decided that this is the kind of doodling that I love to do.

Have a happy St.Patrick's Day Everyone,  maybe I'll have to explore a little art in the lovely green shades of Ireland today...


  1. I did a lot of Hand Art during Art Every Day Month. LOVED IT! I am so grateful to read your blog entry today, (a big fan of morning pages, they literally changed my life!)

    "As Kate wishes, I wish for her also..."

  2. As Kate wishes for herself, I wish for her also. Thanks for stopping by to my blog. I appreciate it. I love your hand design above. I've done hand designs...but used rubber stamps and inks... never drew a design myself. Now I have several ideas swirling in my head.

    I to do morning pages before I go to work. I go to a muffin shop in the building and for 30 minutes I just dump everything in my mind. When I don't get a chance to do that... my days sweems out of whack.

    Have a super week!

  3. That's fabulous! I really want to start art journaling - thanks for the inspiration!

    As Kate wishes for herself, so I wish for her as well.

  4. A beautiful hand - maybe you should give yourself a henna tattoo on your hand.

  5. That is so cool!
    As Kate wishes for herself, I wish for her also.

  6. As Kate wishes for herself, so I wish for her also.

  7. Happy St.Patrick's Day Kate!
    As Kate wishes for herself
    I wish for her also.

  8. love how you have made this your own
    love these mendhi designs
    wishing for more paintings to unfurl
    wishing for deeper diving into my soul
    wishing to deep listen
    wishing to use each minute to its fullest...

    xox - eb.

  9. As Kate wishes for herself, I wish for her also.

  10. That's a lovely page!

    I too do the morning pages and I've noticed that when I find myself writing the same things over and over again, it my mind's way of telling me it's time to take a closer look at what I'm currently focusing on in life. There are so many insights!

    As Kate wishes for herself, so I wish for her also!

  11. As Kate wishes for herself, so I wish for her also.

    LOVE that art journal page. I've bought one for the purpose, but I haven't done much with it. Maybe that will have to change. It's so inspiring to see that one and the ones in your sidebar. :)

  12. That is a BEAUTIFUL piece of art! I love it and am already trying to think of ways I could do something similar with my own art supplies. I also did The Artist's Way last year. Did you go through Deb Owen's class? I learned a lot about myself during that course.

    As Kate wishes for herself, so I wish for her also.


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