Saturday, March 27, 2010

Friday's play

This is the art I did on Friday.  This was not what I had intended to paint at all.  Funny how that happens. I think her features are a little wonky because I kept changing things.  I was also trying to do blond hair and although its not perfect I do think she is blond so I consider this a success. I am going to keep on painting faces till I get them right. I signed up to take Sharon's aka All Norah's Art class on face painting. She does beautiful work so I am sure I will be learning something from her. I've been learning a lot from watching Zorana's videos. She has done a series of 3 so far on red rosin paper and they are pretty great.

It snowed again today, some spring we are having.  the good thing is it always melts fairly quickly. Hope you are having a great  weekend.


  1. Kate, I think she looks cute....and she most definitely has blond hair.

    I've also been enjoying Zorana's videos, and I think Sharon's class is fantastic. I just need to practice more.

  2. I always like your faces, and I almost ALWAYS see a bit of you in them. Even the blond one.
    It's the eyes!
    Have fun with the classes.


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