Saturday, March 13, 2010

Leahy, what a performance

I saw Leahy perform last night. What a way to get excited about Ireland.  They were incredible.  A group of sisters and brothers from Canada who sing and dance Celtic music.  There are actually 11 of them but only 8 perform at a time.  The men and the women all danced, played the fiddle, piano and guitars and drums too.  What an amazing night.  They actually had a niece performing too and what an incredible singer and dancer she was.  There was a proposal on stage for a member of the audience.  That was fun it was the first time I have ever witnessed that in person.  Oh yes the woman said yes.  My friend Ginger had gifted me with the tickets when she left town to see her new grand daughter. What a great gift that was.

I have been playing with and boy is it fun.  The other times I tried to do this I could never find anything on my grandfather.  This time I found the family in the 1920 census.  It was like the existed finally. I found my grandparents and all their children.  When I looked at the 1930 census I knew it would be sad since 3 of their children had died by then from tuberculosis.  My Aunt Margaret was listed but my mother wasn't since those were the years she was in the hospital and I also discovered that they had a border living with them at the time.  How interesting that was.   I can't wait to look even more.

I seem to be blocked artistically and have been trying to work through it. I have two books to work on and am just drawing a blank.  I hate when that happens. I figured that if I could just do some art that might help.  I have been doing some backgrounds in my journal but not much else. I hope that if I spend some time in the studio I will let go of that and some art will just jump out of me.

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  1. I love Celtic music! That sounds like a fun evening. How nice that your friend gave you the tickets.

    Have you seen the new NBC program "Who Do You Think You Are?" It's all about tracing your roots. I would love to do that with my family.


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