Thursday, March 25, 2010

Where do I go with Art Journaling

The wonderful Jamie Ridler asked if I would be part of her site today. From time to time Jamie features short interviews with clients. I talk about my experience with Wishcasting Wednesday. You can read all about it here.

A little postscript to my wishcasting post yesterday where I talked about wanting a mini retreat.  Well my appointment today got canceled so today I can do anything I want.  So another wish came true.  That wishcasting is pretty powerful stuff.

Here are my latest journal pages. Lately I don't seem to know how to finish pages.  I like the look of this but feel it needs something more so perhaps it will have to just sit for awhile.

I drew this hand last night. This time I used a sepia pitt art pen, its started going out on me so I had to use a regular marker for the nails. I seem to be doing wordless journal pages lately.  I don't know why I think they are not finished without words. I need to change my mind about that.

I seem to be struggling with art journaling lately. Often my process is just to do some background pages, several at one time.  Then I try to fit something on that page and sometimes it flows and others its just a struggle. I wonder am I just trying to make something pretty.  If that is the case maybe I need to move out of the journal and work on canvas or wood more.

Do I just need to go deeper with the journal and talk about feelings and experiences and forget the idea that I want things to be pretty. Or I may just be struggling with style, do I want to focus more on images or words or both.

I like how Judy Wise seems to incorporate words and images and yet I also like Mary Ann Moss's style of very few words or my friend the Queen of Arts whose pages are always full of life and meaning.

I wonder what my style is and if I am happy with that or do I need to just let go of any thought about style and just create something.  I know I am over thinking this too much.

I'd love to know your thoughts on the subject.


  1. I have always had the same problem. I used to do pages that I liked very minimal and when I saw the pages of others I was shocked at the unfinished look of mine in comparison. So now I struggle to 'fill' in my pages with more text and sometimes go against the grain to do that. So, youre not alone in this struggle, I dont know how to resolve this either! I too will be interested in seeing what others say.

  2. I think we're all struggling with the same questions, Kate. The best thing is to just let it be. Don't stress too much about it. We groe each day so it doesn't even have to be one style. Maybe we are multistyled atrists. :) I like the sound of that. I'm happy for your mini retreat and congrats on your interview.

  3. Oh my goodness. I just saw your info on Violette's message board. I too, am in I.F. and had to check out your blog. Imagine my surprise when I saw a henna hand that you did in your art journal on the exact same day as I did mine.
    (Music from Twilight Zone playing). I am brand new to art journaling and would love to know of any local groups. Thanks for sharing.


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