Friday, March 5, 2010

Postcard Swap

I have not gotten my tenth postcard so it must be lost in the mail somewhere so I will show what I did receive in the postcard swap hosted by iHanna. I also got an ATC so I included that in the picture. This was one of the most fun swaps I have done.  Thanks to all the lovely ladies who sent me cards.

This is a journal page in response to a prompt on Creativity Portal. They do a prompt a day with a picture to inspire you to create. The question was What is Zen to you? This was fun and I kept it simple because that is what Zen means to me. It seemed to call out to me to be very sparse.

I have been wanting to make some more striped paper so these are my efforts so far. I threw fabric in one of the pieces. I had made that fabric paper for one of the sketchbook exchanges I worked on and just loved the feel of it so I may do more.

I signed up to take Mystele's, e-growth class. Art Sentiments. Its all about making little pieces of art to give as small gifts to friends in need or just because. Its one of those crafts where you can utilize your whole arsenal of supplies. You start with a a copy of a piece of your own art and create something new by using paper, collage, trims, sewing, painting, stamping, beads and more. What a fun little class that has been. I am almost done with a little sample but its not quite ready to show yet.

I went back to Michael's to get some more of that clearance Golden paint and someone had come in and bought almost everything in the store. It was sad to see the shelf bare. I picked up 2 bottles of fluid acrylics in colors I did not own at 2.99 ea and a jar of Hansa Yellow opaque in a jar for 4.99. The only other colors they had were cadmium orange which I refuse to use do to its toxicity.

Thanks to everyone who has commented on my new banner and the support regarding yesterdays post too.  You are all awesome individuals that I feel blessed to know.


  1. Wow, so much here to comment on.
    I was pleased to see that post cards with embellishments on them like beads could go through the mail okay.

    Your Zen is simple and susinct. (sp?)

    Now the mix of fabric and paper I love...will you then be able to write on these like journal pages? What's next for them?

    I Look forward to your next display of art making treasure.

  2. hi! i sent you the seattle postcard with the fish. i see her eye fell off. aww, ='( well, it was just a googly eye. you could always glue one back on. it gives her much more spirit. this was my 1st swap ever. it was a new year challenge for myself. i didn't totally know what i was doing. anyway, cheers!

  3. I agree that this postcard swap was one of the best ones I've done. You received some really great cards.

    LOVE the zen page!! I'll have to check out that site for prompts.

    And the striped paper pages are just beautiful. I might make some more, too.

  4. I love your new header, you really got it right! I couldn't stop looking at all the details. And the card swap must have been really fun, you got some fun cards.
    I love it all, I can't keep up with you...I am always late...Hugs, Mary

  5. Great postcards - and I like your zen page, it's very serene.
    Ane I really, really like your new banner, Kate!


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