Thursday, March 18, 2010

Thankfulness Thursday

Its Thankfulness Thursday today, and I am so thankful for Spring.  We were supposed to have a storm but instead we have sunshine and clouds. I will take that any day. There are lots of signs of spring here.

I have been down walking by the Snake River and its been quite pretty.

This Canadian goose and a pair of Mallard ducks were enjoying the weather too.

The snow is melting fast. I loved this little droplet I managed to photograph.

My old ewe Gabrielle has come out of her shed to sit in the sun too!

One of the neatest thing we have is a pair of eagles that are nesting nearby. They have taken over an old Osprey nest.

You can see one eagle on the nest and another lower on the right. Unfortunately the nest is located right near a fishing access where there is quite a bit of traffic and we think the eagles will eventually move their nest.  In the meantime I am enjoying seeing them.


  1. What glorious neighbors you have ! Enjoy the spring gifts, Kate.
    Cheers !


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