Friday, April 23, 2010

Another contest for Threadbare Heart

My friend Jennie Nash whose book The Threadbare Heart comes out next month is having another contest. This one is for writers. I posted about the contest for quilters here.

Who is your favorite Mother-daughter fictional pair? You can enter Jennie's Mothers Day Mini essay contest. She wants to know about the pair that inspired you, made you laugh, reminded you of your own mother etc. Its only 250 words so that is very doable. The prize for this sounds like fun too!  Head over to Jennie's blog for the details.

I finished this Zentangle like drawing last night, it was started with a stamp.

I am headed up to Missoula for the weekend. Sarah is presenting her Senior project at a bookstore on Saturday. This is from the flyer she sent me. The event is titled How fiction survives - a contemporary look at Little Red Riding Hood.   The focus is that there is something special that makes certain stories last longer than others.

She and her two fellow writers each wrote a contemporary version of this classic fairy tale. Despite their unifying plot all three stories vary drastically and reflect their differing sensibilities and styles that are unique to all writers.  I am sure it will be a moment to treasure and remember.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Your zentangle is so good I can't tell what is the stamp and what is your own drawing!

    That sounds like a fun weekend....getting to see and hear your daughter present her story at a bookstore. That's fantastic! Clap a few extra times for me.

  2. Oh funny...I came here this morning, enjoyed the read, the zentangle, then went off on your links and forgot to come back to leave a comment...and so am doing that now...and this is it!

  3. I love this zentangle! great job! it makes me want to doodle some more!

    ciao bella
    creative carmelina was here!


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