Sunday, April 11, 2010

A Little Organizing

A little while ago I won this lovely book from my friend Kelly's blog Dragonfly Reflections. It arrived in the mail in some lovely packaging.  This book is supposed to be amazing.  I am looking forward to reading it.

Look at the cute card she made to send along with the book. Kelley does everything with such a beautiful touch. Thanks Kelley.

In one of the moments where I felt ok I headed to Michaels with my 50% coupon and came home with this.

Its a revolving carousel organizer and it has 6 sides to it. There are 3 little drawers to hold small items and a place to put label so you know what in them.

This view shows hooks that you can hang things from.  There are plenty of slots for pencils and markers and scissors and those odds and ends we use all the time.

I took my old organizer, put it on it side and put in my Golden tubes of paint. I painted a little dab of color on the lids so they'd be easy to locate.  I don't know about you but I am constantly reorganizing all my tools.   I really like the new organizer, I think the fact that it revolves will make it easy to use.


  1. Great find at Michaels. I am always looking for some cool storage thing.

  2. As you know, I'm constantly trying to organize my small studio. The revolving carousel organizer looks like it would be handy, and I like the way you did your paints. I need to do that dab of color on the lids....good idea.

  3. I love your cool storage thing. :D

  4. It feels good to reorganize.
    You seem like you have your ducks in a row.
    Boy I make a mess in my art room.

  5. Great Michael's find, Kate -- don't you love it when it's 50%! I have a feeling I could use something like that...

  6. I've been needing to reorganize too - love the carousel; might have to try that. So glad you got the book. I thought the sentiment on the card was just perfect for you!

  7. I do the dab of color on the top of mine, and it has really made life easier. I love your new
    crousel, I want one too. I am constantly searching for tools...Love, Mary

  8. Kate, I am in love with your carousel organizer. Great find at Michael's!

  9. I have and adore that same revolving caddy! isn't it the best!

    it's nice to have met you, i followed you over from 'the write stuff's blog'...

    meeting yet another fellow artist is such a blessing here in blogland!

    come by sometime to see my main blog
    Creative Carmelina

    ciao bella


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