Thursday, April 22, 2010

Having Fun in the studio

My watercolor moleskine started to fall apart so at first I intended to just tape the spine back together.

After looking at the pretty tape it seemed like the whole cover needed to be decorated.  I covered the front with Japanese papers.

On the back I covered it with Origami paper.  It was so colorful and pretty I could not stop there.

I grabbed my sketchbook moleskine and added paper from an old wallpaper book. I love this rose paper but it looked a little plain so I added a copy of an old journal page. They look great together.

On the back is more wallpaper, layered on top even more and some fabric tape. I had so much fun doing these. If I hadn't run out of journals I would still be at it.

When was the last time you had fun in your studio?


  1. These are so wonderful. Well, I don't have a studio anymore but it's turning out well. I have to be really focused since I have to figure out what I want to do (generally) and pull everything out of the cabinet, take it somewhere, and create something and then put it all back. lol Somehow my crazy mind works well that way. Sorry it got so cold on you today but it seems to have had an awesome outcome!

  2. Pretty papers and repairs!!!
    This morning I sewed with invisible thread on my sewing machine on top of an embroidered piece that will be cut in places eventually but right now is going on the latest art quilt creation I am involved with. I also fused some fabrics together. I love being creative in my art "studio".

  3. You had fun and it shows! The japanese papers are so perfect for a watercolour journal.
    I had fun in my "studio" just a few hours ago. Art is so therapeutic. We should remember that when we're feeling low, yet that's when we seem to forget it the most.

  4. They look so colorful and so much more interesting than the usual plain black covers. I love the Asian one at the top and the one with roses and your painting. Great job! Isn't it great to just play around in the studio and end up with something wonderful and unique?

  5. I really, really love your creativity in this Kate. Pairing the old wallpaper with one of your drawings where the colors complement perfectly! Taking "fixing" something that needed repair to "playing". YAY, O


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