Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Paper Dresses

In Missoula I walked down a street and saw this store with this wonderful display in the window.  All these dresses were made out of paper. The store was closed so I had to take my pictures from outside through the window so they are not the best but I wanted to share them anyways. There is a dress inside the store made of newspaper that is pretty cool too.  I had seen it the day before but I did  not have my camera with me.  The store is called Noteworthy sells stationary and has their own printing press where they make invitations. It was a fun place to see

The view from the front showing all 6 dresses.

Here is a closeup, those tiny figures are buffalo.

Another close up of one of the dresses.  They were all quite spectacular.

The other artsy thing I saw was this electrical box.

All four sides of it were painted with this beautiful scene.  Here are trees with tepee's in the background.

Once again another beautiful scene with the words Montana is a treasure.  Montana is known as the treasure state.

In this view it is similar to the other side but is still different.

This last one says Missoula is Magical. I thought this was one of the most fun things to find just by walking down the street. Too bad other towns don't have art like this, it would brighten them up.


  1. Love the dresses- just amazing ! Imagine arriving somewhere wearing one of those creations - so cool. Better hope that the event is rain-free though ! ;)
    Thanks for sharing your Missoula treasure - looks like an amazingly arty place !

  2. I agree, amazing! I don't think of Missoula like this, but I guess I should. What an interesting place! xo, O

  3. Those are wonderful art sightings!

  4. The paper dresses are wonderful art!!!!
    And the colorful painted box is terrific too.
    Great finds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Really cool photos!! Missoula is an interesting town....I liked visiting there when my son lived in Montana.


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