Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Artshine Sketchbook on Birds

The latest Artshine Traveling sketchbook I worked on had a theme of birds. It also had an interesting binding with a flap that opens up on the left. I hadn't thought if I was gong to try to incorporate that into the design or not.

This is the front, you can see the flap is on the right.  My birds did not come out the same size but I think they still look ok.

On the inside the gold finch is met with a few other birds on a fence.

On the back page I drew a nest and some eggs.  I use Carb-Othello pastel pencils in all the drawings.

All these projects of mine have been piling up.  I am so glad to have finished these.  When you are in these revolving books there is always another on its way.

After hearing so much about those Inktense Pencils from other artists, I found a great deal at Dick Blick today.  A set of 24 plus a free sketchbook for  25.55.  My Michaels is selling these for 54.95 so that is an excellent deal and you get a free sketchbook too and yes I did order a set.

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  1. Your birds look great!! That is so cool how the flap opens to show all the other birds. And the bird's nest with the eggs is so cute.

    I've never used the Carb-Othello pastel pencils but I do have some Inktense pencils. You got a great deal on yours!


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