Thursday, April 1, 2010

If at first you don't succeed

Here is my second attempt at doing a face for the class I am taking with Sharon  . This one was easier but I still made the face a little bit big for the tiny canvas we are using.  This is one of those cheap kids canvasses from Michaels.  I almost didn't have any space to add the  napkin embellishment. I had collaged an old page on top and didn't get it smooth enough so as a result her  nose has this blip in it.

A couple journal pages I did recently.  I seem to be drawn to yellow lately. This page really flew together easily.  I know its a bad pun but I couldn't resist.  After I put the birds on the page and looked in my paper stash everything seemed to flow.  I love how that happens.

This one is pretty simple after seeing this image I just looked for a color that seemed to set it off pretty well. I used pitt artist pens to write about color. That is it for today.


  1. You're doing great with the faces and journal look awesome.

  2. Good play, Miss Kate ! Loving the face...
    Happy Easter weekend !

  3. Kate, your face is absolutely lovely. I soooo want to paint a beautiful face like that. I haven't used acrylics much except for my journal so I am just learning how they behave and what they can do. Sharon's class looks amazing. Do you love it? I will have to start saving my pesos for some of these great classes. It seems that you have found some great ones. I would love to get together with you. I am feeling like a total beginner (probably because I am) but I have finally had to admit to myself that I am an artist at heart and it's time to start living like one. Thanks so much for your inspiration on your blog.

  4. You have a really good teacher and I bet she is proud of you right now. Faces must be so hard, but you are making it look easy...have fun...Hugs, Mary


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