Monday, April 5, 2010

Simple Woman's Daybook for Monday, April 5, 2010

I thought I would join in with this wonderful project.  I saw it on Kim's blog this morning. I just didn't realize how long this post would take but that is ok.  Go here to see how other women are starting their day

Outside my window... Snow is coming down, the birds are absent, probably hiding in the trees for shelter.

I am thinking... that this cup of Ginger Peach Tea was a good choice to soothe my sore throat.

I am thankful for... all the beauty out my windows.

From the kitchen... I have chicken soup on the stove for later when this sore throat needs some nourishment

I am wearing... Cranberry colored with white flourishes pajama pants a white top and an aran cardigan and slippers.

I am creating...  this blanket which will take a long time, also a new project with my glitter sisters is starting. More work on the various classes I am involved in.

I am going... to take it easy again today, I'll sit and read the letters my grandparents wrote.  I am up to 1908 now. Ooh I just read a reference to my grandfathers healing ability.  That is pretty cool.

I am reading... the 8:55 to Baghdad, a recreation of a trip that Agatha Christie took as a single mother after her divorce from, Archie Christie. The author intersperses his journey with hers. Also my grandparents letters.

I am hoping... that the snow outside melts and that the sun comes out again

I am hearing... just the hum of the refrigerator, its a soft gentle sound.

Around the house... the animals are all sleeping. I see things strewn all over so I'll have some picking up to do.

One of my favorite things... is the little planter that the Easter Bunny brought me.

A few plans for the rest of the week: On Thursday we attend a play. I'll lunch with my friend Kate,  make some art I need to do and then some just for play.

Here are some pics from my world

A new bunny has come to live here at least for a little while.

The view outside my front window

Here is the view out my back door. There is not as much snow in the yard but plenty beyond it.

Back inside there are plants for the garden growing.

A sleepy Flynn just wants to stay that way

Here is the cute sheep planter and roses that the Easter Bunny brought

Eowyn is so sleepy too, no one wants to wake up this morning.

The beginnings of a knit blanket. This is one of those you just pivk up yarn and knit till its gone or you are tired of it and add another color.  Someone on the net called it the forever blanket.  Its perfect for watching TV or other mindless activity.  You cast on 250 stitches size 9  or 10 needles and just knit. I am really enjoying working on it.

What is happening in your world today?

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  1. It is fun to have little glimpses in to other people's worlds , isn't it ? ick to the snow and the sore throat ! Hopefully both will be gone asap !
    Enjoy your cozy reading !
    Cheers !


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