Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A New Sketchbook Project

I  was asked by Mary of Joyful Ploys to be the next participant in another sketchbook project.  This was started by Jennifer Zoellner.   I really like participating in these.  It always seems to give me the opportunity to try something new, and I get to meet new artists and have a little fun. This sketchbook is pretty small and the unfortunately the tiny book keeps coming apart.  

For this page I first glued 2 pages together, the paper was really thin and then stamped the words with a Slate StazOn Ink. Then I painted the bird with Golden Heavy bodied acrylics.

There is not much to say about this, I had glued down some handmade paper and then these collage items. I like its simplicity,

 The next two pages were going to be a one single page but then the book fell apart.  I had to use some tape to put it back together and then I lost the cohesion of the piece. So I decided to just make 2 separate pages.  I used golden fluids on the pages and some Stewart Gill paints for the accents.

I had this greeting card of a sun with celtic patters all around it. I used the idea but made it  different. When I added the rays I had no idea what else I would do.  These pattern just seemed to want to be there. I love it when things flow like that.

Here is the latest paint and pass canvas I worked on.  I added the little fish.  It is really hard not filling the canvas. There are a total of 11 people painting on each of these little 5 x 7 canvases, so I try not to take up too much space.

Remember the Moleskine sketchbook project I did months ago.  Well here is a video of the almost finished book. It really is awesome to look at.


  1. Wow! I loved looking at all the different projects you are doing here Kate! I can imagine how difficult it is working on a piece that is needing to be constantly put back together but, then again that's part of the fun too, right?!! The pass and paint piece looks like a lot of fun too!! How challenging it must be to STOP!! LOL!! I love, love, love Moleskines!! Neat video!!! You are one busy girl, girl!!! ;)

  2. Fun stuff ! Looking forward to participating.

    Looks like your creative mojo is still flowing even if you were under the weather. Yay for the healing powers of art, right ?
    Happy Tuesday !

  3. Cool pages, Kate! I really like the bird ones, especially.

  4. I love the pages you added to the sketchbook....especially the hand and the bird. I just hope that little book stays together long enough to reach it's final destination!


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