Thursday, April 8, 2010

A few doodles

As some of you know I have been sick all week so I have not done much art.  I can doodle though and find that it is relaxing.

I have been impressed with the mandala's that Tammy at Daisy Yellow does so this is my first try. This was done in a watercolor moleskine with a pitt artist pens. I never really liked this moleskine so I have not used it much but it was great for sketching.

 I had painted this page a couple years ago and then never did a thing with it. Decided to see if it would take a pen on top of it. After doodling some flowers I started another mandala but didn't have much room left at that point.

I am off to the Dr.'s office where they will probably tell me I have a virus.


  1. thank you for your sweet comment on my blog :-)
    Hope you feel better. I've been using the new fine line sharpies that are really nice too.
    Nothing quite like a good healing mandala... or doodle :-)

  2. I like your mandalas, Kate. I love to doodle.
    Take care - hope you feel better soon!

  3. I too love this kind of doodling and also find it very relaxing.
    I hope you heal soon. Been sick too long already.

  4. I love those doodles! I used to doodle like this when I was younger but It seems I lost the touch. Can't bring myself to doodle again.

  5. so COOL< kate!!! wow! i'm envious. i stink at doodling...need to carve out time to practice!

  6. It does take practice like Mystele said, sometimes like other things they flow. I hope your feeling better soon.

    Enjoyed my visit, thank you. Emelie

  7. Hope you are feeling better--don't you love it when they say, "it's a virus you'll just have to wait it out..."

    just thinking-- would you like the wool when I clip Rosie the angora goat? I'd be happy to put it in a box and send it to you. LMK.


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