Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Blizzard 2010

I've got a mug a hot cider in my hands and the snow is blowing like a banshee outside.  Dave found some really good cider at the store so I have warmed it and threw in a cinnamon stick for flavor.  It tastes really yummy.

I went outside to rescue the prayer flags that had come down.  This is the back yard.  The wind isn't so bad in the back.

This is our driveway, that is about 4 ft of snow piled up. We won't be going anywhere any time soon.

I tried taking a pic of me by the snow bank but as the wind was blowing so hard I couldnt keep my eyes open and my hands were getting cold too.

Flynn didn't mind the weather as long as I made a trail for him. The cats are bundled indoor except for Boromir who didn't want to come in. She is holed up in the garage probably sitting on some wool fleece keeping warm. I will check on her later. The sheep are all nestled in the barn so all is well in my world.  How about yours?

Update:  Boromir the little grey kitty is  inside now....


  1. I just added apple cider and cinnimon sticks to my shopping list. And I am so thankful I do not have to trudge through snow to do anything. I will go out and walk in the sun now on dry sidewalks to gather fallen red leaves for my Thanksgivng table.
    Hugs, stay safe and warm please and do go check on that cat.

  2. We are in a blizzard here as well. Alas, our new central heat pump is not working properly. So we're cold. My least favorite time of year, especially when you can't get warm.

    Your world looks very peaceful, albeit cold. This is very nice. The pictures are great.


  3. Wow, and it's in the high 70's here in Texas! Hard to imagine!

  4. We had a few flurries a couple of weeks ago but it was gone the next day.
    It's so weird to see how the weather has changed the world over.
    Stay warm and stay safe!

  5. I know it is coming here in New Enlgand but I am glad it is not here yet. We had a high of 54 today but it was gey and gloomy.
    I am glad you and your family have all you need to saty cozy and the winter season hits !
    Hits !

  6. Great pics. This winter storm is something isn't it?! It is solid ice and snow outside and clear now with temps dropping into the teens and all that a block from the beach at sea level!

    That cider looks sooo warm and lovely I think I'll have to make some for dessert!

  7. all that snow has to put you in the perfect mood for the holidays! i'm actually jealous. stay warm and enjoy the peace.


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