Thursday, November 18, 2010

Refusing To Go There

I had one of those days yesterday. You know moody and all of sudden you start feeling depressed. I just didn't want to go there, Fought it all day, so I put it into a little journal page. I liked the crack in the woman's head.  That is sort of what you feel like when you're depressed.

This next one I did this morning.  First I didn't  like the background and then I found two images in it so I decided to paint them. The one on the right came out a little wonky but I decided to just leave her. This was my first attempt at collaging the dresses, they might be a a little too boxy for my tastes. I did have fun making them and I think that is all that counts anyway.

I used some pieces from a collage sheet I bought from Zorana. I got the one called She Reflected  but now she has a whole group of them.  What fun they are to play with.  Go here to get yours.


  1. i have those days once in awhile too. your response to your "dark cloud" is beautiful and, i agree, the crack in her head is the perfect metaphor for a bad mood!

  2. Good for you for resisting the depression. You were able to create a great journal page though. I love the crack on her head! It's perfect.

    And your dresses don't look too boxy to me. I like the whole page. Zorana does great collage sheets.

  3. Picking up those precious tools to help us through...Brava to you.
    Off to take my vitamin D...
    Hugs !

  4. i am glad to hear you found yourself through your lovely journals
    and yes indeed Zorana's images are beautiful
    i can't wait to seee what more is coming in your ning network!!!
    take care and thank you for your generosity and for sharing links i am following some right now

  5. Hi Kate....Good for you using your feelings to feed your art.I have been so busy at both work and home. Always the same story. Must make time for art. Have not even joined any challenges at your site and I want to. Hope you are feeling better!!!

  6. I like the journal pages - though I hate when one of 'those' days, comes along. Good for you for channeling your way out of it so creatively. Hope you have a happy weekend, Kate. (Hugs)

  7. i am loving your journal pages! and the way the images present themselves to you ... this is how we work in BIG and I love the experience. Funny how the pieces i love the most are the ones that i hate at some point, or feel i've totally botched up and then ... magic.

    if you want to do a mail art swap with me, just email me your snail mail and i will send you mine.


    have a wonderful weekend ... i know the weather here is making it hard to stay out of the doldrums ... will paint with lots of yellows and oranges i suppose!

    xo lis

  8. I hate days like that, but I have found fewer this month...with the nanowrimo!


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