Sunday, November 7, 2010

A little whimsy - Tams second class

Its taken me a while to do the work in Tams's second class. The assignment was to find pictures of us around age three. There are almost no pictures of me as a child. There are tons of the older kids and the younger so I had to make do. There is this one baby picture and then nothing till I am in school. I have to think that my parents were too poor for pictures in those years. Sometimes I wonder what I looked like back then and how it was for me as a child.

Baby Kate  and 5 year old Kate

We were also to write wishes for that child and then add them to the piece. You can click on the pic to see what wishes I wrote.

that's me on the left and my friends

Here we were to do one of those things we wished for. I was a very quiet and shy child. I wish that I had more friends my age. The girl on the left represents me and the other three all my friends. These were done on separate paper and then glued to the background. I had baloons on the page on the right but alas I should have checked where the girls were going to be ahead of time since I lost most of the look. The girls on the left are in front of a school so I like to think of this as recess and my playing with a fun group of girls.

I am finding the exercises in the class to be very interesting and thought provoking and healing too.  You can still sign up for this free class, check the button on my side bar.


  1. Giving some loving tothe little one inside of us is always a good thing. I read somewhere along the way about imagining you you could go back to yourself as a child and offer the hand of the adult you are now to her and help her that image.
    Hugs from you present day Friends !

  2. these do sound like very thoughtful prompts. your pages are beautiful.

  3. Wonderful pages, Kate! You don't have any photos and I have tons! In fact, I have duplicates and triplicates of lots of photos of me as a little kid. Too darn many!!

    I haven't done any of the assignments yet! But I've got a couple of them started.

  4. Kate! I LOVE those girls! You are awesome! I know that you are really busy right now, but we should get together soon. I found out that my friend Phyllis, who gave my the "10" quote, already knows you! She met you at a spinners thing, but I don't remember the name of it. I am trying to get Phyllis into art journaling, she is very interested. It would be fun to all get together and help her get started.

  5. Oh my, I had an aunt in the camera business so I have millions of photos of me from birth on.
    And my grandkids have me with camera and every sneeze is an event and photographed. Are they luckier or just annoyed????????????????? LOL


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