Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Soul Journey Pages

I thought I'd get a head start and do the exercises in Tam's class right away. Here in the cover of my book.  I so loved the quote she used for her tag that I used the same one.  I wrote Just Be on the cover to stand for just be who you are, an original. I sanded the photo first, which is a technique that I have done before.  Then I learned something new. If you paint the photo with water you can scratch right into it.  I made swirls and then words.  I think I will do that again it was fun. I had a tag already painted with watercolors but it was al ittle pale, I added portfolio oil pasted to the edges and a little water to blend it.  I wrote the quote on it, added some stamping and more dots.

 Then we worked on the next pages which were to celebrate something in our lives.  I chose on this page to celebrate following my dream of opening my own network.  I took a picture of my banner and added papers and stamping.

On the other side of the page I am celebrating friends. These friends came to my bonfires this summer and were instrumental in helping my heal from my surgery.  They are the best.  This page also honors all the communities of women I belong to. All these pages were fun and easy to do. I sure love it when I can use all sorts of different materials together.


  1. Kate, these are wonderful! I just watched the first of Tam's new videos today. And sadly I haven't done any of the pages....I've been so busy with other things but I plan to do them at some point.

    I love the page celebrating you following your dream. I know you're going to have success with your network.

  2. Wonderful journal pages and cover kate! Love it all.


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