Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Space Below

This was a creative challenge on my network the Queen of Creativity Castle.  We used this poem for inspiraiton.

the space below 

 there was a whole world inside of her
 filled with stars and caves and  
demons and gold. 
she tinkered and played in that world
 - but it was in the space below
 - in the depths of deep
 - that the real stuff was. 
and it was there she needed to go. 

-terri st.cloud

Terri from Bone Sigh Arts sends out daily poems.  If you would like to recieve them go here 

The piece was done on an 11 x 14 gallery wrapped canvas. I used golden heavy bodied and fluid acrylics, stamping, pastels. watercolor crayons,  and charcoal.

I really like what this poem says, I think I tend to stay in the play faze and not dig deep into the space below. I can see that in my life and my art.  I had really wanted to go wild with this but its a pretty safe piece. Maybe my next challenge will be to go wild with your art.  If you are inclined to play with this challenge or others, head over to my network by using the button on the sidebar.

Tell me do you go to that space below or do you like to play it safe?


  1. She's beautiful, Kate.

    I delved down deep when I was younger and it seems like now I know who I am and don't need to constantly keep digging. That isn't to say that I still don't learn things about myself but I don't feel that constant need to dig into myself.

  2. Wow. I like this collage! The poem is deep!
    You draw faces that look like you even if they are blond! I know I have told you this before but the eyes are definitely yours.

  3. Well, I have been thinking about this poem all week. Although I have not yet made it to my studio, I have written quite a bit about it (I am thinking of putting my journal pages up on The Castle).

    Of course I love playing it safe. However, sometimes it gets so uncomfortable there that I am ready to confront my fear and dive in. I think I did this during this week emotionally and spiritually. It was scary-good.

    In my art, I have been stuck for a few years with backgrounds. I have maybe 50 backgrounds I have done and no subject/content. Empty backgrounds. I finally realized, via writing, the it is because I am afraid to jump out, to come out of hiding in my art. Now I just have to actually come out.

  4. I love terri st. cloud ! I have had so many deep aha moments with her words.
    I love the piece you created to go with this poem.
    I tend to be a go deep when it comes to my art, at least I try to be. I do play it safe (too safe ?) in some other areas of my life. I have often said I wish I could be like the artist Kim everywhere in my world...I am working on it...;)
    Big Love Talented One !

  5. Hi Kate, thanks for coming by....I like that poem and how you incorporated it into your piece...it's lovely! I hope to get more involved in your ning site...so little time *sigh*


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