Monday, November 15, 2010

The Night of Writing Dangerously

One of the events for Nanowrimo is held the 3rd Sunday in November in San Francisco.  Its a big production with lots of people and prizes and all that jazz. Our local group decided we needed to have our own version. It was held Friday night. It  is an all night event but I only stayed till 2:30 AM. Also note the Viking helmet is a Nano symbol.

Here is my friend Amber and our ML this time, as a Viking.

Robyn our host on the left in the back. That is Sarah beaming because she got to 50,000 words that night.

I had to have the hat during the night too!

We spent a lot of time in the kitchen where all the food was.

and finally some serious writing got done.

At the write in on the next day.  Sarah has her army buddies.

Then the army got all lined up and ready for war.  Now let me tell you that we all got soldiers in our goody bags at the beginning.  They were there to help us push on through to success.  I have a whole collection.  You need to have something to play when you don't feel like writing.

A great time was had by all, I did manage to get quite a bit of writing done. Thanks to Robyn who hosted this event. We now have 3 people who are finished. That is pretty amazing since we are only half way through. Congrats to the winners!


  1. This looked like such fun. I love the Viking hat and the soldiers to help encourage you to fight through any writing blocks along the way.
    Is yours a book, short story, novel? Nu?
    I also like your "Mediate page/painting" down below this post!!!!

  2. Nothing like a little help from your friends to see you through! Wonderful. Love the horny hats !;D

    Happy Monday !

  3. wow. what a great way to work on a project. food, fun, encouraging friends and distractions!

  4. Looks like you had fun.
    We don't have the Night of Writing Dangerously here but I do enjoy the write-ins.

  5. What a great time, a lot of fun, you are so blessed with fun and talented friends (and daughter). Wish I were there :) xoO

  6. I have "army guys" too!! I call them my Prayer Warriors.


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