Thursday, November 11, 2010

Having Fun Trying Something New

My friend Eden over at Draw Doodle Decorate put up a challenge today.  You start with her drawing and finish it any way you want.  See her post here  and there is a give away too.

Here is the drawing I started with.

This is after coloring it with InkTense Pencils. I haven't a clue why the background is pink.

and here I added water to the pencil to bring out the color, added some embellishment with micron pens and faber-casteel markers. This was really fun. Why don't you try it too.


  1. Oh My, Kate!! This is ADORABLE!!! Love your use of color and I really need to try those inktense pencils!! Thanks so much for playing :D....awaiting your jpg :D :D

  2. As a child we used to color in coloring books, so why do we never do it now. What a great idea! The combination of the Intense pencils and the water and the micron lines for embellishment really goes nicely together. i always get inspired at your blog--now I just (still) need to make it last long enough to get into the studio before I'm distracted by something else, sigh! Thanks, Kate, xoO

  3. That does look like so much fun....there is something very relaxing and enjoyable about a colouring session...especially when Crayola Crayons are involved! I keep a pack of them right on my desk just for their nostalgic scent!

    Great job! Nice to see people having fun with art!

    Ciao Bella!

    Creative Carmelina


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