Monday, November 1, 2010

Let the Games Begin

Let the games begin. Just a heads up for all I won't be blogging as much this month as most of my words will be going into a novel.  I usually start at 12:01 November first and get a few words in before I go to bed.  Last night I was so tired I just couldn't stay up. So this year I am behind already but I can catch up easily.  I am giving myself a little procrastination time this morning.

Yesterday I had the most interesting day. Some of you may have been to Sedona or know that Sedona has these amazing vortexes where the energy is really different. Well apparently Idaho has some similar areas and I so wish I had pics to share. It had been a stressful morning where everything went wrong and I left my camera at home.  I know you have probably seen cairns before.

This is one in Sedona from a couple years ago.  Sometime the rocks are flat or other times you can see them more like this.

These cairns also in Sedona are all smooth rock piled in beautiful arrangements. Now picture yourself in a very rugged landsacpe of the deserts in the west. There are rolling hills filled with 

lots of sage brush

and juniper bushes

and lava rock

 and then you see these cairns piled in these high points.  There were 5 in the first place we stopped and they are called the five guardians. All the rock piled are jagged lava lock and the energy felt so amazing there. You can not help but wonder what the native people used the area for.  I also learned there are also areas like this with cairns all over the dessert.  We stopped at another place and had a fire and a gratitude circle.  It was the last day of the Celtic year so we wrote out all our wishes for the new year and put them in the fire.  I was with a big group of people of all ages.  It was a really special day.

I even decided to use the area as a setting for my novel.  I like how that worked out.

(Sedona pics were by taken by me but all others are from the internet.)


  1. How great that this worked out so well for you, Kate, My Queen. Well, BEST WISHES on your NaNoWriMo this year. I'm not doing it this year, but you haven't missed one yet since I started. Wishing you happy times of writing, Love, O

  2. Happy and productive writing wishes Kate.
    The peek into Sedona is fun.

  3. Good luck on the writing this month. Seems as if you got some good inspiration from your trip into the desert.

  4. i just love sedona and i'm sure the vortexes you experienced in idaho are also fascinating. good luck with your novel - it sounds exciting to have a new project to dive into.

  5. When I saw this in the afternoon of the first I thought to myself, good for her! Less than twelve hours later I found myself joining you in this crazy quest! Thanks, I think. ; )

  6. Whoa; 30 days, 50,000 words Wow! This is quite the undertaking! Good for you. I just went to Sedona last year and I loved it. What a beautiful place to visit. I am going to take my hubbub and boys in March-April!

  7. Hey Kate! My screen name is effyswild over at NaNo. I'd love to be writing buddies. :)

  8. I want to go to Sedona someday...lovely photos! Kate, thanks for coming by, I was going to contact you about your ning site. I can't get in. I'm signed on to 6-7 other ning sites, so I don't know what's wrong. Here is the email I use for ning:
    Thanks Kate,

  9. What a great setting for a novel! Happy writing!


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