Sunday, November 21, 2010

DaVinci Is In Town

The Museum of Idaho has been holding its exhibit Decoding Da Vinci for several months now but I had not managed to get there yet.

When I walked in the door I met my friend Robin who works as a docent at the museum. She is so much fun, it was great to see her.

The exhibit was full of models of his inventions but I of course was more interested in seeing the art. There were replicas of his most famous paintings like this one. I had seen the original at the Louvre in Paris back in 2006. This one was bigger, most people do not realize that the Mona Lisa is actually a very small painting.

and this one which I had not seen before.  I thought it was perfectly lovely.

I was surpised to see that some of the pics we used in Misty Mawn's painting class were actually done by Da Vinci like this one.

and this is one too. I had done a transfer with this and painted over it. I had not realized I was working with a DaVinci at the time.

Of course I had to pose with one of the posters. After listening to a movie on Leonardo I realized I am a lot like him. I have started many things that I never finished either.  It feels good to know I am in good company.

When we left there was quite the snow storm. This was taken sitting in the truck after just a minute or two. I have never seen such big snow flakes before. Winter has hit with a vengeance this weekend.  It melted a lot yesterday but today its snowing again.  I am glad that I have nowhere I have to go.

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