Thursday, October 29, 2009

All dressed up

This is Kate and myself at the auction last weekend. We are dressed as literary characters. I can't remember who Kate was, a character out of a Nebraska authors novel and the name escapes me at this point. This is my Eowyn costume that I wore to the movie the Return of the King. I had to alter a little before the auction since I had lost weight. The sleeves are quite something. I have to have help getting dressed.

Here is a closer picture, aren't the sleeves amazing. It was interesting trying to eat at a Spaghetti dinner with this outfit on. The auction was a fun night, about half the people came dressed up and fun was had by all.

My dog Flynn has been sick with the runs since Sunday. I have cleaned my carpet twice. Took him to the vet on Tuesday and now he is on an antibiotic and special food. He seems to be better. Decided not to rent the Rug Doctor again until I am sure we are over this problem. For now I have been scrubbing the carpet with a stiff brush. It doesn't look to great,lucky I am not having any visitors anytime soon.

Now Dave is having an issue with a tooth so the trip we planned this weekend to see our daughter in Missouls may be cancelled after all. We were supposed to leave tomorrow morning but now it seems that might not happen. Plus I am having trouble finding someone to watch Flynn. Sometimes when everything seems to be going wrong I think you have to realize that maybe this trip is not supposed to happen after all. All week it has been one thing after another. Oh I just heard from dave and he is still in a lot of pain so now the trip is officially cancelled. I am disappointed not being able to see Sarah but sometimes that is just the way it is.


  1. Sometimes life just goes this way, doesn't it, Kate? There are times we just have to let go. Dang, after that migraine and being up until 4 I accidently turned my alarm off and woke up at 1:30pm; {growl}. Now I must manage the mess this has created! But letting go is better. Being calm. Going with the flow.

    I hope that Flynn and Dave get back to feeling better soon.

    Relax and let go, the Universe has other plans for you. I'm sorry you wont' see your daughter too. But all is well; I keep saying this to myself too.

  2. I hope Flynn is well or on the way to being well. And Dave's tooth is not to serious. I am with you, I think if to many things stand in the way of something, there must be a reason.
    I think you look adorable in your costume...I can see the problem of eating.
    It snowed here just a little and turned into rain...a sign of what is to come.
    Hugs, Mary

  3. Wow! Those sleeves are amazing! I can't imagine trying to eat spaghetti in that outfit!!

    Sorry to hear about Flynn and Dave and your canceled trip but I agree that when too many things begin to stand in your way there's a reason for it....this trip is definitely not supposed to happen.

  4. You have been doing some good work here, Kate ! Lots of soul searching and learning and discovery. Wow ! I hope you are proud of all you are accomplishing.
    There has definitely been some trickster energy around this week ! Feeling it here too. As you said maybe there is a reason for the trip falling through. And maybe things will get easier next week - a full moon on Monday !
    Take care and I hope Dave and Flynn heal up fast !

  5. Love the costume, and I'm sorry you didn't make it to your daughter's! I hope your husband is better soon, so you can take your trip.


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