Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Joy Diet - Treats

The subject for this week on the Joy diet is Treats. Marhta asks us to give ourselves 3 treats a day. When I first think of a treat chocolate somes to mind. Truffles to be exact. I like Lindor truffles but even more so are the white chocolated/machademia nut truffles I can get from a local candy shop.

Now theres no way of course that I am going to have 3 truffle a day even though I might enjoy it. So that leads to more thought on what else can I consider a treat. What small little things can I do everyday to give myself pleasure. I guess its time to make a list. Lists are one way I make sense of things.

contaneous smile sparkers

* hearing my daughters voice, a friends voice
* when the UPS driver brought me my new computer
* seeing my dogs face as we took a long walk
* sunshine coming through my window
* the taste of home made mac n cheese

list several things that delight your senses:

* sight - family, sunrise , birds, rivers, ocean, wolves
* hearing - celtic music, listening ladies in lavender soundtrack, wolves howling, birds singing
* touch - hugs, kisses from those I love, feeling my body move when dancing, anice warm scented bath
* taste - chocolate, white chocolate, fresh juicy peaches, good red wine, my apple pie
* smell - lavender, scented candles, incense, fresh cut hay, ocean, newly shorn fleece

My collage this week is just full of fun treats. This was a fun chapter I am all for giving myself treats. I don't do three a day though but I could work into that practice. I am going to be on the lookout for simple things to do just for me.


  1. Imagine eating chocolate 3x a day.

  2. Now, have you ever tried chilli chocolate?? Sounds weird but tastes totally, blow your mind, amazing. Now that's what I call a treat!

  3. Hey Kate - here's another treat for you - an award at my blog! And what better than a Kreativ blogger award for the Queen of Creativity!

  4. Congrats on the new treat of a computer ! May it bring you much inspiration and be quickly filled with fabulous writing !
    Love your lists of treats ! I love the idea of showering ourselves with those simple treats for the sense ! We deserve it, don't we, your Majesty ? We are the Queen, after all !
    Happy Sunday !

  5. I love your lists of such simple delights... and you collage is making me hungry... mmmm.... :)

  6. Thank you for sharing your week with treats. I really like the list of treats that you created.


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