Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Artist Way - Week 7 -A sense of connection

I found this week to be fairly easy and I have done most of the tasks and the exploration of this chapter on my own. I did my morning pages every day. YES that is going well for me. I took an Artist date to all the local galleries. This week the annual Gallery walk took place so I was exposed to all kinds of art. The thing that dismayed me is that there were so few people out compared to previous years. In addition to paintings and sculpture their was a n exhibit of quilting at one of the locations. The women who did the pieces really went beyond traditional and that was really great to see.

image from the net

Just yesterday I had an synchronistic experience looking at blogs. First one talked about grasshoppers and the very next one I read talked about Grasshoppers too. I thought that was significant. I looked up Grasshopper on the net and discovered this.

Grasshopper Wisdom includes

Jumps across space and time - Leaps of faith - Jumping without knowing where you will land - Astral travel - Leaping over obstacles - New leaps forward - Ability to change careers quickly

That is so appropriate to the Artist Way Journey and the Gut Art class I have been taking. I especially liked "Jumping without knowing where you will land" I think that is what are is all about. Perhaps the leaping over obstacles is overcoming those artistic blocks that you have placed on your self. I think this week has been pretty profound after all.


  1. Love grasshopper wisdom ! Encouraging me to leap without worrting so much about the landing has to be a good thing ! ;)

    When I did the artist way a few years back, I have to say that my artist dates were my favorite part - I still go on those from time to time. Sounds like you are getting a lot out of the practices. You go girl !

    I got a lovely postcard in the mail yesterday ! Talk about feeling connected ! It was so sweet to know you were thinking of me on your trip. Thanks for sharing a bit of Wyoming with me !
    I hope you have a cozy and connected Wednesday evening !

  2. The grasshopper wisdom was very appropriate to this past Artist Way week....leaping without knowing where you will land involves taking a risk and showing trust that all will be well...exactly what Julia spoke of. Great post, Kate!

  3. Grasshoppers, hope I don't see any even with their great wisdom.


  4. Oh, I love the grasshopper symbolism. Don't you just love it when something "everyday" reaches out and nudges you to go a little deeper like that? I feel like the universe is telegraphing me top secret messages when that happens. (Of course, I'm glad you decided not to keep this one a secret.)

    Leaping without knowing where we will land is what I hope for all of us on this Artist's Way journey.


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