Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Joy Diet - Creativity

This past week in the Joy Diet, Martha had us look at creativity. The way we are looking at it is in terms of following our dreams. We agree to do one creative thing to work on our dreams.

I found it difficult to focus on this. If my dream involves creativity how do I use creativity to be creative on my dream. I sort of do something like this. When I am not writing or making art I try to think of things that I can do to jump start those areas of my life. In some ways I am a person who does not like a strict schedule so often I make plans that I do not follow through with. Then I need to go through the process all over again. As a result I do not make much progress. It like that phrase Jamie talked about in the video, if you do the same thing the same way you get the same results. I need to find a new way. For someone who wants to write a book I sure spend a lot of time avoiding doing just that.

Jamie suggested that we ask our fellow bloggers on this journey with us for advice and suggestions. So here goes, one of my issues is scheduling time for writing and sticking to it. I spend so much time on the computer, either in classes, blogging or email etc that I feel I need to get off the machine sometimes. I have been thinking if I could distinguish my writing time differently that might help.

Sometime I do write in a notebook but I still have to transfer to the computer so that really does not solve the initial problem. Or I have thought to take my laptop to a different room or go to a cafe. I do rituals to get me in the art mode so perhaps a ritual for writing. I do have quotes and things on the wall in front of my desk that inspire but perhaps I need something physical that I can do that will be different when I am doing serious writing vs all the play writing I do online. Any ideas anyone?


  1. Oh, how I relate to your struggles with keeping to a schedule and making your writing a prioirty... I like your idea of bringing your laptop into a different environment... much like Martha's idea of changing the how, and doing things differently! For me, if I truly map out a schedule, I can stick to it as long as I also schedule in that time for emails and social networking stuff, and set a timer... the timer is absolute key for me. I usually have 1-2 hour long writing chunks broken up by smaller things in between. I don't know if that helps... but good luck!

  2. A ritual is a good idea. When my babies were little I had trouble getting started. I'd start the teakettle for hot water. By the time it whistled I was I had hot water available.
    Sounds crazy but it still works for me.

  3. I wish I knew the answer to this because I have the same challenge! xo, O

  4. I hear ya, Kate. Time management is one of my biggest problems and I'm still trying to get into better creative habits so that I find time to play in the studio.

  5. Ah yes.. it's easy to avoid writing or think about writing than to actually write. I do it all the time. I see that you are doing NANOWRIMO too! Committing to something like that already sets up a little accountability & motivation for yourself and they share some good tips.


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