Saturday, October 17, 2009

Gut art and a new toy

This was a exercise in the Gut art class. We take these field trips to artist sites that are really fun. We were to make a piece of art to fit in with the scheme of artist Cora Marshall's work. One of the things that Marshall has done has taken old advertisements about runaway slaves and given them a face. This was my interpretation of this. The piece looks so much better in person, it sort a looks washed out here. I really enjoyed working on it.

Awhile ago I did some sewing in exchange for my friend Jennifer. In exchange she gave me a piece of sculpture. She calls these pieces guardians. Its a Raku firing and you can see so much color in the piece. I have her on my messy feminine altar. I think I need to redo this space. For now its a good place for her to be, away from all my cats.

I bought this yesterday, its my going to be my Christmas Present to me. I know its a little early but I certainly was not going just keep it in the box and not play with it. My local craft store had a 100.00 off coupon so the price was right. I think I will make my xmas cards with it so now its justified.

Its a Cricut electronic die cutting machine. Usually scrapbooker's buy them but I am finding that I will really be able to use it in my mixed media work and other crafty projects. At first I wasn't sure I could justify the cost but now I am finding more and more uses. You can even cut out cards and envelopes to match with it. I also plan to use to to make some words in vinyl for my studio walls. Plus all the lettering fonts I know I will be using them in my art journals. What fun!


  1. You're gonna LOVE the Cricut! I got one for Christmas last year and use it all the time for journaling and card making. Very cool tool!!

  2. Kate: I love the painting of the woman. She looks fantastic. Her eyes are so expressive. I can't wait to play with your Cricut . . . you are going to let me play with it, aren't you??!! I'll make you a nice cup of tea in exchange. Okay, not really much of an exchange, but you'll just need to let me know what I can offer! xxoo KateAnn

  3. I love the idea of giving the run away slaves names. Lovely rendition!!! Not washed out at all on my screen.
    But all art is better in person.

    What store offered such a deal? Was it Michael's or Joanne's by any chance? I'd like one too then. LOL


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