Sunday, October 4, 2009

Playing in the Studio

Well the craziness of October has begun. I am taking 2 online classes, doing 2 book groups plus extra activities from my regular life. Its fun and crazy and time consuming but I still love it.

In the Gut Art class we are making a book to hold our observations and so forth. This is the cover I made. The class is all about finding your authentic artistic self and I am really having fun with it. Mystele says its all about play so that is what I have been doing. Sometimes it is hard to let loose to be able to do that but I am giving it my best shot.


  1. Hi Kate: Is that a white flower that you colored to match the page? It looks great. I love this page: the colors, pictures and the word "authentic" on the side. very cool. KateAnn

  2. Dear Kate,

    Your activities in October sound wonderful. May I ask why you are taking them?

    Your cover is very beautiful. I am fascinated by all the expressions in this piece.

    All the best in all that you do. :)

  3. Hey Kate...we are "class mates" once glad to see your "Gut Art" journal. I'll be playing catch up because I'm trying to finish another challenge and have a wedding this month...but I'll be there. Great your colors. I did play around this weekend and used this technique in my challenge journal as was very freeing. Take care, Roberta

  4. Love the cover, Kate ! Keep on playing - it will get easier and easier as you realize that there is nothing to fear !
    Enjoy your busy fun !


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