Monday, October 12, 2009

New Pens

Look at all these lovely colors of brush pens. They are going to be so much fun. They are pitt artist pens and they were 3 different sets that I sound at Michaels. Unfortunetly there were two duplicates. They come in 40 colors. If I want others I think I will need to find somewhere online that sells them individually.

This is the inside front cover from the Gut Art Book I made. I used an old piece of art to remind me where I started on this artistic journey.

This is the back cover of my gut art book.

and here is the inside back cover.

I did this as an exercise for class. This little lady was found art.

This lady I painted from a drawing I did. At first I did not like her because the proportions were all wrong. Then in class it was suggested she looked like a Modigliani. I did not know that artist so I looked him up. The face does look like his style. How funny is that. So I decided to keep her as she was instead of messing with her.


  1. She does and she is. Glad you kept her as is.
    Lovely!!!! Have fun with those pens/brushes.

  2. So, you're channeling Modligiani! Very cool! I really like her! I'm having fun with the gut art class, hope that you are too. Thank you for brightening my day with your postcard. It transferred me to a different place. xo


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