Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I Found A Gem This Morning

I just read this wonderful post on writing at Jennie Nash's blog. In the post she is sharing the ups and down of writing a novel. I really liked how she adored this passage in the book and no one else could get it, but she kept it in. Eventually she moved it to another part of the book it became magical for everyone else too. Such great advice on her blog. She has written some great novels too. The Last Beach Bungalow and The Only True genius in the family are both good reads.

The National Novel Writing Month(Nanowrimo) is coming up in November and I have been thinking about what I might write this year. I like participating in Nanowrimo because it first it pushes me to complete something and second I get the opportunity to try something new. My three previous years I wrote a mystery, a fantasy and mainstream fiction. This time out I am thinking about writing a woman's literary fiction. I'll have 5 friends come together on a camping trip. The trip won't be what any one of the expect. I am still thinking about what great adventures I might get them into. Writing can really be fun.

If this is the year you'll finally take writing seriously why don't you sign up. All the information you need is here Plus you can put this badge on your blog and look really cool. More than 15,000 people have already signed up. If you do sign up let me know so we can become writing buddies.


  1. I'm playing again this year. Last year didn't last long but at least I had started. I think I'll be writing a vampire story but in french. All the good ones started out in english so maybe I'll be the new Stephanie Meyer or Anne Rice! Here's hoping!

  2. I admire all of you who buckle down for
    NaNoWriMo....Have considered it in the past.
    Good luck to you! It's on my back burner.


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