Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Artist Way - A sense of Compassion

Its time to check in for the week. We are headed into week 10 and I am so pleased that I am still doing this. I think Morning pages are a habit now, perhaps that is why this book is 12 weeks long, you need enough time to establish a habit. I did my morning pages every day and attended an Artist date as usual. This was the week we are supposed to read our morning pages and take stock of what we see. I found that mine were constantly about lists and working out things I need to do or to get inspiration on. This time around I am finding them very helpful and I am thrilled that I have been able to keep it up.

Creative goals for the week:

To catch up in my Gut Art Class and my Photo- Jounraling class.
To finish altrering a costume for a dress up auction I am going to.
To do my Joy Diet collage and post.
Play with the cricut machine a little more.
Work on Nanowrino novel ideas.

Creative goals for the month:

Continue with work with all my classes and book groups.
To do some art that is not related to these classes.
To do some work on my Nanowrimo novel idea.

Creative goals for the year:

Finish online classes.
To paint something every week.
To grow as an artist.
To finish writing and sell the book on creativity.
To have a good start on a novel that I really want to finish and sell.

The other thing we were to do was to choose an Artist Totem. I actually have one for writing. Its a Laini's Lady , the writing Angel. I don't have anything for Art though. I've been meaning to look in my studio and see what I could focus on but I haven't found anything yet. I think it should be an inspired choice so I am not going to rush it. Now on to week 10.


  1. Wow... you are really zipping right along with, well, *everything*! I'm impressed.

    My performance on TAW has been a little lackluster lately, and therefore I've given myself permission to do only that which fascinates or absolutely repulses me. You're a whirlwind comparatively -- and planning to do the nanowrimo, too. Inspiring!

  2. Well done to you, Kate. I missed five days of my morning pages this week as I was feeling too miserable with illness but I'm back in the saddle, so to speak. :)

    Great post!

  3. Hi Kate. Writng a timeline is the difference between a dream and a goal.It really is beneficial to write these things down.
    love ya


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