Sunday, October 18, 2009

Playing catch up

I have been trying to play catch up this weekend. I seem to be behind in quite a few things. Today I worked on my point and shoot journaling class. On Friday I put this journal together. It has watercolor paper as the pages, a cardboard cover and a coptic stitch binding. I decorated the cover right away. This is a picture I took in Bath, England. I added paint to extend the picture and attached a painted piece of grunge board as an accent.

These two are pictures we chose that have a similar feel to them.

This was taken in a garden in Taos New Mexico

The next two make these a set and they seem to echo the first two in some way.

These were both taken down at the greenbelt in Idaho Falls.

Then we did pages on journeys. This was a physical journey to Scotland in 2004.

This one is more about an inner journey and was taken at the Redsun Labyrinth in Victor Montana.

This one is my favorite. These are supposed to be my traveling shoes. The doorway was scrap piece I found in my stash of papers and I painted on the papers to blend them together.


  1. Thank you for showing your journal pages of your class. I love the cover of the journal you made, the image of the angel and the colors are lovely.

  2. These are beautiful, Kate! I really like the combination of words and photos. My favorite is also the traveling shoes one! Blessings, O


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