Tuesday, October 27, 2009

GPP Street Team Crusade # 34 - Come Over To The Dark Side

I have always wanted to participate in the GPP Street Team Crusades. For some reason I never take the time. This months crusade is # 34 - "Come Over To The Dark Side" , and I wanted to participate but lately I am so busy that I could easily have let this one slide too so I just forced myself to do it. I love working with black gesso so yesterday I did these pages. I loved all the things Michelle did and if I had used spray paint mine would have looked so similar so I decided on a different approach.

I think this pages says how I was really feeling. Too much stuff to deal with lately. In one moment I am really excited about things and the next down in the dumps. So what is a girl to do, well journal about it of course. It gave me the opportunity to also use my cricut for some embellishments, that is where the city on the bottom comes from.

This next one evolved just because I found the crane picture on my desk and I liked how it looked on the black surface. I used some portfolio oil pastels to color the white of the picture and just blended it together. My white gel pen was giving me fits but I finally got it to work. This was fun. I think I will try to do this again.


  1. Kate - welcome to the team! Thanks for sharing your black pages, and good for you that you made yourself do it. It's a great escape isn't it? I laughed when you said your pen gave you fits - happens alot with those pesky white pens :)

  2. Good "get it out of me" pages, Kate and the black "moody" background works so well. Those white pens can be pesky, can't they ? But, ah, when the work...
    Welcome to the Crusades, your Majesty !

  3. Looks great! I didn't realize what a challenge it was really going to be to work on black. I have done it before, but a lot of what I thought would work...didn't! Glad you had success!

  4. Love the cricut embellishments. I was hopeless at using mine and sold it. That crane is a beauty. I like that now you have a permanent record of it instead of it just being a picture sitting on your desk,if you know what I mean.

  5. NICE JOB! It is so hard to journal sometimes, isn't it? I LOVE your city cut-out. Looks great on your black. :)


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