Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Joy Diet - RISK

I really liked this chapter. I resonated with everything that Martha said. I think that is because it reminded me so much of the Be Brave project that Jessie started a couple years ago. I participated for thirty days and it really did change my life.

Now does that mean I spent the week risking all over the place. Not really, I have been swamped with life. I think the only think I really risked was sharing with a few people what my Nanowrimo novel was going to be about this year. Although that is a small risk I still think it counts. So I guess I should be risking that here too, so here goes.

This is just a rough idea, so my story will be about 5 women who meet at an Art retreat like Squam or Artfest. They become friends and meet yearly to reconnect. One of them will lose a child and be unable to recover. That is where the friends will come in. The five of them will take a journey, either a camping trip, a trek accross the US or Europe,(I haven't decided yet)to help her heal.

Through this trip the women will all deal with some kind of loss. Some will be from their past and some will be current. So am hoping to have humor and adventures along the way. Ok that wasn't so hard, the butterflies in my stomach have gone away. Risk is easy well maybe not. Its after you'v e done it that you realize it wasn't that big a thing after all. Thats the easy part. I think the more you do it the easier it gets. I am sure that is why Jessie's project was so life changing.

What little thing can you do today to further your creative dreams.


  1. I got all choked up just listening to the premise of your book. Wow.
    Happy risk taking!!!

  2. I too really like your idea, Kate. Thank you for the nice comment on my blog too. I agree with you. We can just be ourselves, and that is where and how we find contentment. The Right People will be attracted and come back; the others won't. And it's all for the best! Much love, O

  3. It sounds like a great book to me. I'm glad you took a risk and shared your thoughts with us.

  4. Your story sounds good Kate. Meeting you with GPS was like that. A reunion would be nice too
    but without any more loss.

    I took a risk that paid off & makes me smile when I think maybe if I'd never taken the risk I'd still be at square one.

  5. Nanowremo novel? Am not sure what that is, but I like the idea of your story. Sounds like your week with risk was a valuable one.


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