Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Remembering Rita

It is one of those lovely days where I plan to stay at home. I brewed a pot of Earl Grey, won't you stop by and have a cup with me.

I am remembering my mother today for some reason. Instead of just having tea in a mug I made a pot they way my mother used to. I am drinking it out of a real china cup and have an urge to play Enya. I always feel she is around then. She has often asked me to play Enya, one of her favorites.

This is a picture of her back in the seventies. Oh how I long to have a cup a tea with her. Alas a cup with my memories will have to do.

My mother taught me to sew when I was a child and it set me on a lifelong exploration with creative things. Thanks Mom. She loved her tea, we would always have some after dinner. I am sure it was due to her Irish roots. By then my dad and brothers had left the table but us girls would have tea with mom and lots of conversation. Those seemed ordinary moments at the time but now they are really precious memories.

Do you feel your life just has just ordinary moments? Now you know that you are making precious memories for someone. Lets salute those special ordinary moments. I'd love to hear some of yours.


  1. Kate: What a great picture of your mom. Wish I could have met her. It is funny how sometimes the people who are "gone" are closer than we think. I love the ordinary moments of life; they sometimes are the stuff of legends. take care, my friend. KateAnn

  2. This is a lovely reminder to be present and to live in the moment, Kate. Yes, those ordinary things are the stuff of memories for all of us - just like the memory I have of my Dad and I sitting on the porch at the cottage breathing in the warm summer winds that blew over us on a sunny day in July. Todally ordinary, yet I remember the sensations and the emotions to this day.
    Thanks for all the blog love and support as I spread my wings, Kate. It means so much to me. Oh and thank you too for the perfect mermaid postcard/birthday wish ! It arrived on Friday - my birthday - and sent me off on my weekend adventures feeling very loved !
    Big hugs !

  3. Great post, Kate. You look so much like your mom....what a beautiful woman she was. Isn't it wonderful how we always remember the small moments. It's the same with me remembering my mom.


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