Wednesday, December 2, 2009

My first Zentangle

Why I was in Missoula, I thought I would try a zentangle. There is a nice article on how to do them in Cloth Paper Scissors. After doing a few patterns I could see a woman so I left that blank and drew a face in pencil This was really fun. I think I will be doing more of these. If you are interested in these I suggest you check out the zentangle website. In all their old newsletters they have different patterns you can try and all sorts of great information.


  1. Oh, I love her! You know I love doing zentangles though I haven't done any in quite awhile. I think yours is fantastic with the woman's face.

  2. Wow your first zentangle. It's terrific! I've been doing them for months now. They are relaxing and fun. Again I see another self portrait in the woman's head. ;-)

  3. Very cool ! I have been doing a little bit too since I saw the artiucle in Cloth Paper Scissors. I also saw some at Absolutely Everything when I went with Sherry - they had cut out lovely bird shapes or ornament shapes out of cardstock and zentangled all over them - makes a lovely decoration and gives you those zen moments to boot !
    I hope you had a sweet trip taking your daughter back.
    Happy Hump Day !


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