Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Some of my gifts

Here I am trying out my new trekking poles. Dave and I took Flynn out for a walk so I got to try them out. I thought I would be waiting to use them when we go hiking in the summer, but now I realize how valuable they could be in winter too.

My sister Marianne was in Italy this summer and her gifts came from there. This Paisley shawl is one of them although it is more gold and purple than the picture shows. She also sent the bracelet and key chain below.

I was gifted with jewelry from several people. The beaded bracelet was made by my friend Kate and the fused glass pieces by my sister Peggy.

This quilt was done by my friend Celeste, Its here own design and was stitched entirely by hand. It is only her second piece, take a look at the beautiful quilting.

This journal or portfolio cover was also made by my sister Peggy, its just beautiful. I am not sure how I will use it yet, it will hold a legal size pad so some sort of notebook will live in it someday.

My daughter gave me this book, which I have been wanting. Its part of a series I talked about before.

What are your favorite gifts this year?


  1. You did great!! Love that paisley shawl....and the quilt is beautiful. I can't imagine doing all that hand sewing!

    Those trekking poles look interesting, and it's a good photo of you.

  2. What a lovely bundle of gifts! Flynn looks happy to be out and about, glad the hiking poles came in handy. I was gifted a re-furbished Mac. My PC is at least four years old and I was always a Mac person before that. Now my challenge is to transfer my "stuff", a bit of a hurdle but I think I can handle it. Happy New Year.

  3. Lovely and fun gifts.
    I received a bunch of DVDs, some cook books for my slow cooker, colourful socks and lots more. I always get a lot of stuff from my mother.

  4. Hi Kate !
    You sure did receive a beautiful bundle of gifties ! So rich and colorful - jewle tones fit for royalty ! ;)
    My favorite gift was my new duvet cover - I hope to include some shots of it on the blog soon. David and I splurged and bought one from Pottery Barn that is 100% organic cotton and also beautiful. I was also thrilled with a gift certificate that David got me for my favorite art supply store - Absolutely Everything. I will head out shopping there on a nice quiet day later this month as it is about an hour from home.
    Not feeling much like blogging right now - I have friends coming down from Montreal to ring inthe new year. I will be more present next week I think.
    I wish you and your Dave a sweet New Years Eve and health, peace and many bliss-filled moments in 2010 ! Cheers !


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