Monday, December 14, 2009

Gifts of Gratitude

One of the things being ill does for you is besides slowing down you are forced to look at your life a little differently. I've spent more time doing nothing in the past couple weeks. I found reading again and picked up my knitting once more. When you slow down there really is time for more. This is a wonderful book on Gratitude that I have in my bathroom. I picked it up to read today and thought I am really grateful to be alive. Life is such a precious gift. Gratitude can put all your issues in perspective.

Today I am grateful for:

...The way my barren willow trees look orange when the sun hits their branches and there is a blue sky behind them. Its quite beautiful in its simplicity.
... the winter landscape this morning that looks frosty and cool
... the birds at my feeder busily chatting away.
... that I am feeling better today.
... that my house is almost all decorated.

What are you grateful for today?


  1. This is so true Kate. Ill health affords us a different perspective on life and an opportunity to appreciate so many of the things we often take for granted. I'm glad you are on the mend and finding the good things in life.

    I'm grateful for my warm boots on a wet day, and a cup of hot chocolate to warm me inside, the cards I received in today's mail to let me know we are remembered by family and friends and just being able to say "this one was a good day".

  2. Sometimes, illness can be a blessing in that it helps us to slow down and look at life with new perspective. That said, I do hope you get to feeling a whole lot better very soon, Kate. xo

    Today, I'm grateful for the cool change and a touch of rain. I'm also grateful that the painter came and finished painting the wall and then, very kindly, gave me his leftover paint (2 whole litres) which will come in very handy if we need to touch up any walls in the future. I'm grateful that my kids are all safe and well.

  3. I am grateful for my friends today, well everyday, really. They make me feel understood and accepted just as I am.
    I am also grateful for this day, waking up to the new light and the new possibilities that will unfold as the day goes on.
    I hope you continue to feel better and that the slow, gentle pace that you have set for yourself continues to bring you to a new and better place.
    Big Love to you, My Friend Kate !


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