Sunday, December 27, 2009

Art Journaling is out

I found this at the store and its a wonderful issue full of great ideas. I have been wanting to get some of those Pan Pastels that Pam Carriker is always talking about but haven't done so yet. The first time I attempted they were out of stock and the second time I thought do I really need these, they are pretty expensive so I talked myself out of them. Maybe I will get a set soon because I really want to try them.

I pulled out my moleskine journal and took a pencil drawing I had done previously and added regular soft pastels to it, painted the background and then added words.

This page I just played with color. I painted the page with the same colors as the previous one but tried to make it lighter when I mixed the paint. Then I added some white gesso over it to tone the color down even more. I liked how these images blended well with the colors.

This is an exercise from the class with Misty. I had an extreme amount of difficulty coming up with the right shade for the skin tone and then to try and remake that mix was virtually impossible. I either need to make bigger amounts or figure a way to duplicate what I am trying to do. This face has a zillion colors buried underneath it. I finally got tired of working on it. Although the class is over with I am still doing the exercises.

Oh if you are interested in painting faces Misty is teaching another class, this one is on strictly on faces where the one I took was on backgrounds and collage too. Information on the class is here She is a wonderful teacher so the class will be great. I won't be taking it since I have decided to take a break from classes.


  1. I just got that magazine, too. Lots of good ideas in it. Your pages look really bright and happy. I especially like the first one....and the words, too.

  2. Lovely work, Kate! Yet another magazine to get my hands on ~ :)

  3. I went looking for that magazine the other day but it wasn't out yet. It may take a little while longer for it to appear in Canada as well. The depth on that face is amazing. So you liked Misty's class, huh? I thought about it but wasn't into a class just on faces. Also, I've committed to a few other things that are happening at the same time. I'm even taking a drawing class IN PERSON (!) that runs for 10 weeks. I've done alot online but it's time for me to physically be with other artists and I'm pretty excited about that. Moleskine journal? I am trying to love mine since so many people rave about them. But without gesso-ing the pages I find the paper not resilient enough for my scratchings. Do you gesso? I assume you are using the purple one but would be interested to hear if you use another.

  4. Love to find this mag....Happy New Year!


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