Friday, December 18, 2009

Finally Some Art

I am participating in this journal round robin over at Art from the Heart. It is done in one of those Japanese folded moleskine journals. The journal started in Norway and has been to England, France, Canada and now the US. They started with four journals and the postal service lost one of them. There was a lot of art in that one so its heartbreaking for that to happen.

I got the journal on Wednesday and haven't felt up to doing it but I knew the next person is anxiously waiting. I thought I could do it this weekend but I got a burst of energy last night and this lady was the result. I like her even though her nose is kinda wonky but that is sort of how noses are in real life so I decided to let it be.

I can't begin to express how good it felt to do this page. The background was fun to create and the face came together easily. I learned more about mixing colors which is something that holds me back. It felt so good to be creating again. I also managed to finish the last gifts I have been working on. It feels great to have the obligations over with and to be able to enjoy doing some fun holiday things.


  1. Kate, she's lovely. I don't think her nose is wonky! And I love the background....all the texture and the colors....beautiful.

    I haven't felt like doing any art for such a long time now. Hopefully I'll get in the swing of things before too much longer.

  2. Your woman is lovely...I am involved in two round robin journals/sketchbooks we call them...I pray none of ours get lost...ten of us contributing. They are all so beautiful.

  3. So good to see you back doing what you love, stay well....
    I am still knee deep in Christmas doing. Soon I will brake free and start doing somethings I am missing. Merry Christmas, Mary

  4. What a beautiful woman...sometimes it's when we think we "can't" that we do and it's even better than we had expected!!!

  5. Well done, Kate....doesn't it feel wonderful to pick up the paintbrush and just create...good for you! Your lady is beautiful and I can see a little of you in her too. LOVE the colours!

  6. Great Kate! What a fun thing to participatein. Merry holidaze!


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