Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A few snowflakes

I have been making snowflakes with my Cricut machine. I bought one of the limited edition cartridges the other day. It makes all sorts of snowflakes, both two and three dimensional. I made a series of them and then hung them in my house. They seem to twirl on their own and are kind of fun. I poke holes in the top and strung them with fishing line.

I love how these are all really pretty.

This one has birds cut into it.

This one has bunnies featured.

There are angels in this one.

Here are trees to delight you.

and even snowmen. The cartridge has a whole group of designs that are really fun to cut.

This is a cross stitched piece I finished in October, I finally managed to turn it into a wall hanging and put it up. Its been so satisfying working on these little decorations and getting them put up. I like to have something new each year. It makes the decorating more interesting and I do have fun making them.


  1. Love all your snowflakes! Do you have any of the real thing outside??

    I haven't done any cross stitch in such a long time but after seeing your piece it makes me want to do some again.

  2. Wow ! I love love love paper snowflakes - I have actually cut some gorgeous ones out myself in my time but not the dimensional ones. So cool. I have a friend with a circut - I think that cartridge should be a gift for her so we can share it ! so fun !
    Enjoy the cozy decking and be well, lovely Kate.

  3. Holiday Blessings to you, Kate. xoxoxo

  4. Kate:May you and your loved ones delight in the season of JOY! Wishing you a Merry Christmas! Paper snowflakes as nice as paper roses! love and light aNNa xo

  5. You are having such fun with your machine. These are really really lovely! Happy Christmas to you and yours.


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