Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A year in review

I have been thinking about the coming year and wondering what kind of year its going to be. I want to choose a word to focus on and have had difficulty choosing one. I am not sure why. To know where we want to go I really do think it is important to see where we have been. So I took a little tour of my blog to see what I did this past year and these are the highlights.

A new kitty came into our lives.
I joined in on the 12 Habits of Highly Creative Women book blogging group.
I participated in Art journal January with Misty Mawn.
Took a photography class.

I finished weaving a shawl.
I participated in One World One Heart, my painting went all the way to Israel.
I met my muse Zoe.
I interviewed author Jill Badonsky.
I painted a face on fabric.

I took a journaling class with Kelly Kilmer and did a journal page every day for the month.
I made ATC's out of cereal boxes.
I made Tree Flags using watercolor crayons.
I learned the coptic stitch and made a journal using it.

Took a stenciling class with spray paint with Mary Ann Moss.
I finished a woven shawl.
I had surgery on my hand.
I participated in a matchbox shrines swap.

I took Julie Prichard's Layer Love class.
I took a trip to Yellowstone.
I interviewed the artist Violette.
I went a wool trek to Utah.
I got a new lens for my camera

I participated in the Wreck this journal book blogging group
I wrote a guest post on Meet your Muse's blog
I hired a professional coach to work with me.

I started a new blog and became the Queen of Creativity
I decided to write a book on creativity
I was featured on Jamie Ridler's website

I participated in a magic wand and inspirational cards swap.
I ordered my very own moo cards with my art on them
I took Stitched and Stencil class with Mary Ann Moss
I made three aprons
I rediscovered cross-stitch and finished some projects
I traveled to some out of the way spots in Idaho

I did the Artist Way with an online group.
I joined the blogging book group on the Joy Diet. Did a weekly collage on the different chapters
I collaged a clipboard
I participated in National project the Aha Moment
I took Mystele's Gut Art Class

I visited the Laurence Rockefeller Preserve.
I celebrated my 24th wedding anniversary.
I got a new computer a Mac this time.
I participated in my first GPS Street Team challenge.
I took a Point and Shoot journaling class with LK Ludwig.

I participated an won Nanowrimo.
100th post giveaway.
I took Painted Layers class with Misty Mawn.
I painted a landscape.
I made Teesha Moore's journal out of 1 sheet of paper.

I made Star Garland.
I participated in the Create and pass journal project at Art from the Heart.
I made 3 dimensional snowflakes.
I drew a Zentangle.

I am amazed at all the things I did last year, You may also find it interesting if you take a little tour of your blog too. It may help you decide where you want to go next.


  1. Great idea, Kate! You sure did accomplish a lot of things this year! Good for you....and I hope you keep going just as strong in 2010.

  2. Great accomplishments!
    I'm also having a hard time coming up with my word for the year.
    I received your beautiful card yesterday. Thank you!
    Have a great new year's eve celebration and I'll see you on the other side!

  3. Fantastic Kate! You do so much it's amazing!!!
    It is a joy to see all of your work. Your drawings are pretty, love your backgrounds, art journaling and and....
    Happy New Year to you

  4. What a great idea, Kate, and I'd say that you accomplished alot--great post!! Diane from Gut Art Class :)

  5. What a fun post! It's nice to see the review of a year. I'm wishing you ton of creativity and fun in 2010. Happy New Year! xo

  6. I can't remember a thing right now...I will get back to you on this...YIKES!
    You have done some really fun things, my favorite would be the where you wrecked that Journal...that was so much fun!
    Since I have left sugar out of my life, I have brain damage...can't think of a word that would go with my plan for this year..I am to busy thinking about the food I can not eat!
    Love Ya, Mary


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