Monday, December 7, 2009

One ornament on the tree

We got our tree on Friday but due to a lot of things its not decorated yet. On Sunday I found this cute Eiffel Tower ornament that reminds me of my trip to Paris. Its the only ornament on the tree.

I also have a small aritficial tree that I like to do a theme on and this year its birds. Here is the cardinal that I bought in honor of my mom. She really like to see the cardinals in our yard back In Michigan where I grew up. We don't have cardinals here and I miss seeing them. Lately though I am seeing the image everywhere.

Then I saw these cute felt birds at a craft store, this one has a glittery hat and wings.

This one had a cute knit stocking cap on that I couldn't resist. I usually go for birds I can recongnise but these two were so fun looking I had to bring them home.

Of course I have to have a crow too, so its on the top. I will be taking them off adding lights and more birds but just thought I could share a little of what is going on here.

Yesterday we bought a new TV so now my house in totally disarray. We have the new 46" TV on a table. The old entertainment center next to that. Then all the DVD's and VHS Tapes out of the cabinet are in laundry baskets or on the kitchen table. Stuff that was also on top of the entertainments center piled onto my fireplace mantel. So I can't really do any decorating till will figure out how everything is going to work and where I am going to put it. TV guys come tomorrow to set up the HD and DVR. Its a slow process so I may not get to decorating till the weekend. It will be great when everything is set but for now we deal with chaos.

I have been trying to take it easy which is not real easy for me. I have been working on Christmas Card addressing and a little cleaning. I've got some sewing projects to work on so I just do them a little but at a time. This removing stress from your life is a real challenge.

I hope you are all finding some quiet amongst all the hustle and bustle of the season


  1. You're ahead of me....we put our tree up Saturday and it still isn't decorated! I was going to do it today but then I baked cookies for my kids again. Maybe tomorrow. Love the bird ornaments.

    Enjoy your new TV. I know how hectic it is when you buy a new one and have to get everything hooked up.

  2. I love, love, LOVE your bird-themed tree! We put our tree up last night which is late for us as it's been our family tradition to always put the tree up on December 1st.

    You will love the new TV once it's all set up. :)

  3. The bird theme is fun!
    I'm sending you positive vibes for the stress-removal.

  4. Love the little birds ! I made a ton of paper Love Birds last year and they looked so sweet on the tree. I would have loved to have had enough of my sewn ones to decorate a tree but I sold so many of them that my own supply is pretty low ! Maybe enough for a wreath ! ;)

    Maybe if you only do what makes you smile or fills your heart, you will feel less pressure to get it all done...I am trying that too, this year. There will be a few decorations less and smaller, simpler gifts for most but I hope to feel well and joyful about the season instead of stressed and anxious. I hope you find some tricks to make your holiday as easy as possible for yourself too, Lovely kate !
    Much Love !

  5. Hi, Kate,

    Thanks for visiting my blog! As I look down yours (and by the way, I loved the list on the other post!) I see we've both been to Paris and you're once from Michigan where I live! AND, working with the joys of steroids. I hope you're feeling better and can find a way to remove some of that stress at a time that seems to elevate it! Much joy to you, jeanie


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